Field Rental Rules

·  To rent the field you must have the approval of your instructor and have a wavier on file.


·  Any dog which is uncontrollable, unpredictable, aggressive, or in any way a danger to 

   people/dogs will be denied access or asked to leave.


·  Courses and equipment are set for classes. You may design and set your own course.  

   If you make changes, please return the equipment to its original place.  If you take out 

   equipment please put it back.


·  Only 2 dogs may practice at the same time but only if, they are well-separated,

   all dogs are under tight control, and all handlers on the field agree to this arrangement.

   All other dogs must be secured in kennels, on leash, etc.

·  Do not take your dog on equipment you have not been instructed on. It only takes once

   for your dog to fall, slip or perform incorrectly to lose their confidence for a very long

   time. Don’t risk it.


·  Please pick up after your dog, both inside and outside of the agility field. Do not allow

   your dog to eliminate on the equipment.


·  Speed limit around the field is 5 MPH.  Please drive slowly


·  Please sign in on the the binder in the pedestal draw.